Friday, March 16, 2018


By Adeyalo Kolawole
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I wasn’t born with a spoon; talk less of having a silver one. By logic, I was born with dark concoctions, through unbelievable stress. My dad died trying to provide for a child he needed, but couldn’t take care of, while my mother just had to make due with carrying her bowl down the street in a bid to salvage peanut from the well-wishers. I turned 10 amidst turmoil and bad weathers and piercing eyes.

It is safe to say I am very beautiful; blue eyes, long hair, soft body and naturally red lips. I drew a lot of pity and generosity from people who only gave because they wanted to help a fine girl. For some reason, they were all confused that I was still in the slum with my mother.

Monday, March 12, 2018

The Break-Age

Enioluwa Adeoluwa

The Millennial generation is left to struggle through, there are no employments out there, there is no peace in our communities, people are suffering, and homes are breaking leaving children in the dilemma of divorced marriages. People take suicide as an option each day sunk up in depression feeling life isn’t worth it anymore and yet nobody seems to care. We hear our neighbors’ dying brother scream for help but instead of helping, we take on to social media and give our pages the latest headlines and until he slowly fades away no one says anything rather than our tears to carry him home.
 A team of young adults who are in their final year in the university have come together to cook up something that would be beneficial to their community, they have seen the dilemma that exist around us and are determined not to keep quiet.
The team see themselves expanding to various states and regions, talking to people about ‘The Second Chance’ that still exist. Creating a team that takes to affecting lives positively by discussing issues that are pertinent in the society but no one seems to care about, finding solutions to them and therefore being a help to others.
Each month the TRinkedin team dedicates their time to discussing issues that deal directly to humanity though young in age they have not let their age serve as a barrier to them, raising up issues such as Rape, Sexual Assault, Depression, Feminism, Slave Trade which are not commonly talked about in this part of the world.
When speaking with the team leader (Enioluwa Adeoluwa) who is a Final Year student in the university, He said; “After going through a compulsory course every Theatre Arts student has to take called Theatre for Development in which you are sent to a village to make their problems your story in a theatrical performance. I saw the urgent need to help people realizing that a lot of people are still hidden in corners suffering and no one knows about”. This aroused him to put up an eight member team who have reached out and created an online team to motivate people to help one another, check up on that friend, feed a soul a day, save a friend from depression and lots more.
TRinkedIn Members looking sensational

Serving out, they are ensuring that they come out of their comfort zone and reaching out to other Young Adults to do the same, making a change in their homes, schools, streets and their environment at large, reaching out to individuals to say be sensitive about your environment, live life like you’ve got only one chance but still bothering about the man next to you because that’s the only way we can make our world a better place.


"You can't be serious Phoebe, can you hear yourself?"; He said; 'Babe I love you, I can't do this without you, I can't function, you drive me."

"Stop getting me worked up please, I hate it when you use the personal pronoun."

He continued; "Shit! Alright, I'm sorry, isn't apology what you need? Here it is. Honey you know we belong together."
Just don't make the mistake of saying 'I' next time, it's always 'we', I hate correcting that. Please always say 'we'."

"But that's the problem', she said; Chris you yell and rain insults over unnecessary 'choses'. This isn't meant to be an issue, I don't even know when I said 'I'. I think I need a break from all this, it's so overwhelming."

"What the frack are you talking about?", With clenched teeth, he wished she was with him at the moment, he would really hit some sense in.

'You're my answered prayer. Phoebe, on the 1st of January, I prayed for a soul mate and God gave you to me, can't you see that we're meant for each other? Baby you complete me. No one can love you like I do.  Alright just forget this happened, let's move past this Duchess."

"Hello, hello, are you there? I hate it when you're this quiet, it's either we're in this or we aren't and so help me "Mon Dieu", baby mind your response.' "

With shaky hands, she hung up and switched off her phone. She slumped on her feet, and buried her face in her palms, tears building castles and mucus dripping. "How on earth did I get to this point in my life?", she thought.

I'm only 21 years, I can't handle all this  at my age. I'm too "jeune" for all these baggage. Utterly confused, she remembered "le jour" she met Chris; A working student looking to earn extra pennies for her bogus school work et al. All thanks to her father who thinks her studying "la musique" is a classic curse from the gods and would have nothing to do with supporting her financially. Her "pauvre mere" can only try, her crayfish business didn't thrive as much as before. She had evening shifts after school in one of the fast foods within. It was during one of those working hours that she met Chris. He was everything she didn't want in a man; Muscular and firm, looked like a heavyweight boxer, fair and has an amazing "visage". A sweet talker and quite the orator. He smiled as he walked up to the counter. And boy, was he fine! His well set dentition didn't help "les affaires" either.

"Can I have Farm fresh yoghurt please and a sausage roll?" The words rolled out of his lips so well, in a nano second, she wasn't in control of her body movements, they were all working against each other. She managed to get his orders without burning her fingers. She can't be falling for this guy.
Phoebe are you stupid? But he was like a breath of fresh air, like he walked out of TRJ Sunday style magazine.

 "You're really pretty, Can I have your number, seems you're busy. We could talk some more when you're less 'occupée' ". This dude isn't cut out for long stories, and he's damn precise "aussi".
Well, she's sorry but he has met "le faux" person this evening. With courage from nowhere, she put up the most serious look and said "No Sir, I don't think it's necessary to have my number and if you don't mind, I've got others to attend to". She wasn't gonna bulge, he should take his handsome face elsewhere. Next s'il vous plaît.

He was shocked to the marrows. Women don't say 'no' to him, especially not her kind, she looked so fragile that he thought she would be malleable.
Even he could have sworn she fell for his charms few minutes ago, or did he misread something? No no no, "les femmes" don't reject his advances, it doesn't work that way. Well, time would tell. He was in town for the next few days so there is "beaucoup de" time.

After he left, Phoebe couldn't stop thinking about this guy, the air around him wasn't cool but she felt so drawn to breathe it still. She didn't like the effect he had on her but he seemed so virile and dapper. But then she had too much drama going on in her life, was she ready for more? Was she?


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♫ If You No Come Party... Hide Your Face ♫

So I went for a party yesterday night, to do what people usually do at parties...

And I ended up doing what I usually do whenever I get a rush of emotions.
I wrote an article. *Ghen Ghen*

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Style: Episode 4

Welcome to TRJ Sunday Style. You can see amazing outfits, styles and poses here from every Sunday. Unleash your inner model every Sunday. That cement road is your runway. Strut those long legs, like you're glamorous and you know it. Look good for the Lord, and trust me - we will capture your beautiful moments.

Everybody be like this guy. Hinestly.

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Dance Floor of The Mind

Moods come in various shades
Some, cloudy
Some, like the stars
Others like rain
And even a few, are like the Sun
The dark ones, almost choke out all the light.

The Mirror, The People and The Mind

By Olamide Oluwole

I'll give you three scenarios, you'll decide.
Case 1
She looked in the mirror
She decided she's beautiful
She went out,
Her mind convinced she's beautiful
But then,
Someone asked if she's okay
Her face looks tired
At that moment,
Her mind was convinced she's not beautiful
So she continued her day sad and solemn
With the mindset she's not beautiful

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Gender Inclusion: An oversight of some Feminists

Image result for Gender Equality


A while back, I wrote an article on women and the power that lies within us; this time, I'm going deep in. I will be writing on what many ‘feminists’ do not always seem to know about 'feminism'.

Chimamanda Adichie wrote a book titled, ’we should all be feminists’, and from it, I agree that indeed we should all be. Everyone, both males and females should be feminists. Every girl who is a teenager and upwards is a feminist to say a few, but often times, it seems they do not understand what it really means. Females always want "gender inclusion", ie that they want to be included in every activity the male gender is included in; given the same opportunities the male gender is given; basically treated the same way a guy should be treated, but often times, we girls get selfish. Yes, selfish.


Now I am actually fed up and I have reached saturation point, shuu!!! Is it my fault I am compact; trust me if you call me short (even by mistake) I am going to bite you. I am the only person allowed to call myself short, well…my brother too, It’s not like I can do anything about it…

Smoky Nigerian Party Jollof Rice

10 Best Rice Recipes
Okay, so I was a bit confused as to what my first post in this section should be, but it didn't take long to decide because this food item is practically everywhere. (it's probably what you are eating now) - Rice.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Let's Whet Your Appetite With Rice


Food is a very sensitive topic to everyone, those who love it love it, and those who obsess over it are the REALEST!!! (Go and argue with me)

So basically, there has been an argument over these three popular types of rice: Ofada, Jollof and Fried rice.

When I was much younger, I offered this subject – Catering and crafts (and I was the only one doing that because I did not want to do Animal husbandry and the rest of them sha), meanwhile my teacher saw me as a girl with a lot of potential, but me - I kuku did not want to fall her hand so I would always just flow with her.