Wednesday, June 21, 2017

8 lies that the mother told

A lot of people don't know how much mothers sacrifice or do for them on a daily basis. They pray, they worry, they withhold themselves from many things - just to ensure their children have the best. This is a post by an unknown author, chronicling the life of lies his mother lived for him.... just so happiness would, everyday, be his portion.

The 8 Lies that Mother told.

1. This story begins when I was a child.  I was born the son of a poor family. We often lacked enough food.  When it was time to eat, mother often gave me her share, saying, “Eat this rice, son.  I’m not hungry.”

 - That was Mother’s First Lie

Monday, June 19, 2017


There's this song I know. I think you guys'll know it too. It goes like this

♬   Count your blessings, name them one by one,   Count your blessings, see what God hath done!   Count your blessings, name them one by one,
♬   And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

How many times have you sung this song I wonder? I'm asking myself as i am you, this very question. You see, when you tell someone to count their blessings and see how impossible they are, they go and get you a list of all the cars they've got, lotteries that they won, clothes they bought, job promotions they've earned, you know....all the big stuff. I wonder, how often do we remember that

we also have to count the blessings of clean water? clean air?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

One Good Turn

He was driving home one evening, on a two-lane country road. Work, in this small Midwestern community, was almost as slow as his beat-up Pontiac, but he never quit looking. Ever since the factory closed, he'd been unemployed, and with winter raging on, the chill had finally hit home.

It was a lonely road. Not many people had a reason to be on it, unless they were leaving. Most of his friends had already left. They had families to feed and dreams to fulfill, but he stayed on. After all, this was where he buried his mother and father. He was born here and knew the country.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Water Drops

It was one of the hottest days of the dry season. We had not seen rain in almost a month. The crops were dying. Cows had stopped giving milk. The creeks and streams were long gone back into the earth. It was a dry season that would bankrupt several farmers before it was through.

Every day, my husband and his brothers would go about the arduous process of trying to get water to the fields. Lately this process had involved taking a truck to the local water rendering plant and filling it up with water. But severe rationing had cut everyone off. If we didn't see some rain soon... we would lose everything.

It was on this day that I learned the true lesson of sharing and witnessed the only miracle I have seen with my own eyes. I was in the kitchen making lunch for my husband and his brothers when I saw my six-year old son, Billy, walking toward the woods. He wasn't walking with the usual carefree abandon of a youth but with a serious purpose. I could only see his back. He was obviously walking with a great effort...trying to be as still as possible.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Are You Enjoying?

Tell me… Are you enjoying yourself?

People will often tell you to enjoy yourself, and live life to the fullest; but, are you really living your life this way? Do you know how to? Do you even know what life means? Well, let me tell you. You are life, yes! You and I.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

For a Peaceful Mind

There once was a farmer who discovered that he had lost his watch in the barn. It was no ordinary watch because it had sentimental value for him. After searching high and low among the hay for a long while; he gave up and enlisted the help of a group of children playing outside the barn. He promised them that the person who found it would be rewarded.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Bitter Like Pride

“A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you.”   C.S. LewisMere Christianity

I used to hold grudges a lot when I was younger. Planning for Africa, what I would do to all those who hurt me.

Dark, desperate, damaging thoughts.
I would not let these thoughts of revenge go. No, no... I would not let a single person get away with hurting me, or betrayal. I would not let a single tear slip unremitted.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Two men
One intimidated by the lady in her
The other, unsatisfied with it
Both actually fail to recognize one thing -
The powers that be
Which she possesses.

When I was younger, my father always told me never to be a liability. He always said, “Mary! You have all it takes to be all you want.” As I grew up, I realized that all he told me was true. All I needed to be comfortable, is within me. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Case - Chapter Ten (THE FINALE)

Chapter Ten

Raphael vs Raymond

Ralph was trained to do stuff like this. He could see Raymond ahead of him. The wind rushed past his face, as he sprinted along the deserted area in hot pursuit. Raymond wasn't as fast, and knew he was done for.

He had lost his weapon when he jumped through the window, and had a nasty cut on his left thigh. All he had was a knife stuck in his right boot. Ralph was so close when Raymond tumbled over, feigning fatigue.